Kismet City Limits
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Kismet Port Authority (Customs)

Shelley Fleetwood - Head of the Kismet Port Authority (Customs).

Colette (Renata) Novak - Day shift. The youngest and newest of the Customs security guards (as of the beginning of Hunter's Moon) and a friend of Fleetwood's.

Teresa "Taz" Corazon - Day shift. Single mom who moonlights as an exotic dancer; friends with Colette.

Therion ap Dafydd - Night shift. Prince of the planet Fion, currently slumming amongst the common folk.

Gil Westcorner-Forty Northline Boundary - Night shift. Antisocial, alcoholic loner who hates everybody.

Adagio "Jo" Cannon - Vi Cannon's sister (Frank's sister-in-law). Day shift.

NOT PICTURED: Stella Drue - Night shift supervisor.