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What is Kismet?
Kismet is a series of science fiction graphic novels plus assorted side stories, all online for free. I've been working on it since 2002.

What's it about?
Kismet (the town) is a former mining colony, now an anarchic haven for smugglers, fugitives, gangsters, spies, and thieves. The Kismet stories take place in and around it. Mostly they involve the Kismet spaceport and its graft-prone customs clerk (that's Fleetwood, the guy in the header); a group of gun-runners who call Kismet home and serve as one of its few sources of law and order; and two rival groups of undercover operatives from warring planets, Tertia and Secuba, who are both using Kismet as a base of operations to the detriment of everyone who lives there.

Who ARE these people?
Here's the cast list. It's a little out of date but it's not inaccurate, just missing a few people. Mainly the characters fall into two groups: the Kismet residents (Fleetwood -- the redhead above -- and his friends, enemies, etc), and the Tertians/Secubans (which Sun-Cutter is mostly about -- Gerald, Caillen, etc).

Where do I start?
It's recommended that you start with Hunter's Moon, the first graphic novel, complete as of 2006. You can also begin with the current graphic novel, Sun-Cutter, which updates every Monday on Tumblr. The art's better and it's mostly self-contained, but it does contain spoilers for Hunter's Moon and some scenes make a lot more sense if you've already read that one. Or visit the comics page for the side comics in chronological order.

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Anything else?
Well, you can follow me on various social media to keep up to date with what's happening in Kismet and chat with me! I'm on Layla_in_Alaska on Twitter, Kismetcity on Tumblr, and I also post updates and art at the Kismet Patreon - a lot of it is patrons-only, but there's also quite a bit that's public, and you're welcome to just hang out and enjoy the free stuff. I also write paranormal romance novels as Lauren Esker.