Kismet City Limits
Kismet is (c)2002-2017 Layla Lawlor.
Personal, nonprofit use of any content on these pages (e.g. icon-making) or creation of fanworks is perfectly fine, though credit and a link back is always most appreciated!
Kis' met (n) 1) An independent city-state established in the 25th century as a prison supply base. A.K.A. Kismet City. 2) A series of comics and short stories set in that town. 3) Fate, fortune; from Persian qismat

The current graphic novel Sun-Cutter updates on Mondays. Read archive.

About Kismet - For new visitors.

The Comics - Long and short comics in chronological order; the recommended one to start with is Hunter's Moon.

Short Stories - Short fiction in the Kismetverse. These may contain non-canonical elements; the comics are the primary canon.

Characters - The people who live here.

Gallery - Art, fanart, old covers and so forth. (VERY old & incomplete; newer art will be posted to the Kismet tumblr)

Kismet Patreon - Updates, discussion, and an opportunity to support the comic.

Kismetcity on Tumblr - News, info, Kismet art, etc. - Hub site for all my projects.